Tasting Notes for Corona Virus Maps

Wawamu Stats

Image screen-capped from the Wawamu Stats youtube video shows CDC data current as of 3/3/2020.

The Sun

Submitted by u/TheWeatherKid to r/mapgore on March 11 but published March 5. It’s getting lots of mileage in their related stories.
When I took this capture, WV had not recorded a confirmed case so this map isn’t even accurate in its alarmism.

Health Map

Image from https://www.healthmap.org/covid-19/ taken on 3/19/2020

BNO News

Screencap from https://bnonews.com/index.php/2020/02/the-latest-coronavirus-cases/ taken March 11

Devon Live

Published by Devon Live on March 12, Tweeted by @DamienMansell on March 12. Formally dissed by @Kennethfield moments later.

Blake Harms

Found on Twitter posted by @wxblakeharms on March 10


Created by ESRI, accessed from ABC Orlando March 11


Produced by Datascience, accessed 3/11/2020
Map by Shiyang Cheng and Nelson Hsu, accessed 3/9/2020

San Francisco Chronicle

The New York Times

Map credit: New York TImes, By K.K. Rebecca Lai, Jin Wu, Richard Harris, Allison McCann, Keith Collins, Derek Watkins and Jugal K. Patel Accessed 3/15/2020


Accessed 3/22/2020. The map is no longer behind a paywall.

University of Washington

Accessed from UW 3/23/2020

Center for Systems Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins

Accessed 3/23/2020

Final Note:




Maps, conservation, insects, film, boats, scuba diving

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Andrew Middleton

Andrew Middleton

Maps, conservation, insects, film, boats, scuba diving

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