Packing Your Digital Go-Bag


Intterra Situational Awareness Map 🔥🚒🧯

LA Times Fire Map 🔥🌫☁

SF Chronicle 🔥🌫☁

IQAir Visual 💨🌫☁

Air Now 💨🌫☁ 💨🌫☁

Purple Air 💨🌫☁

The distribution of sensors is very uneven.
The highlighted box normally says “none” and it should be selected whenever air pollution is not dominated by wood smoke.

KQED 🔥💨🌫☁

PG&E Power Outage Maps ⚡💡🔦🔌☀

Southern California Edison has a similar map with similar details.

San Francisco Chronicle Planned Outages ⚡💡🔦🔌

Covid-19 Maps😷🤧💊💉

Down Detector 📞📶💡🔌⚡


Snapchat Map 📸📹🤳🚔🚨

The desktop map is a bit more cumbersome to use but it’s still effective.

OmniSci 📸📹🚔🚨

In Conclusion:




Maps, conservation, insects, film, boats, scuba diving

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Andrew Middleton

Andrew Middleton

Maps, conservation, insects, film, boats, scuba diving

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