Oakland May 29, 2020

~2:00 PM

The original flier posted to https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2020/05/28/18833331.php

~8:00 PM

I rode my bicycle downtown to meet two of my friends and a third friend of theirs. We met up at the Walgreens across from the square where the protest was going to begin. I was introduced to their Third and we awkwardly bumped elbows in greeting. My friends had a box of granola bars to hand out. We all had masks and did our best to keep some distance.

Green lasers were everywhere and when the police helicopter went overhead, they were all pointed upwards.

~9:30 PM

I unlocked my bike from the railing outside the Walgreens. The crowd wasn’t moving and there were many people in the street so I walked my bike around and tried to stay vigilant. There was no line of police of officers, no standoff and no immediate conflict that could use my help. Most people on the street were wandering aimlessly or chatting. For every person tagging there were ten live streaming a feed on Snapchat. There was a faint whiff of tear gas but it was a fairly calm scene. I watched a teenager or young man surreptitiously pull the plywood sheathing off the Walgreens window to gauge the reaction of the crowd. Insufficiently deterred, he and others pulled the other boards off and about a dozen people broke through the windows and a couple people could soon be seen inside the store on top of the shelves.

~10:00 PM



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