• Chris Hanson

    Chris Hanson

    I'm an ObjC hacker, mc_msgSend if you will. Any opinions expressed are strictly mine and not my employer's; I don't speak for them.

  • Sarah Guerrero

    Sarah Guerrero

  • Carlos Martínez

    Carlos Martínez

    Innovation enthusiast | the good #chanch | wine & coffee lover

  • Nick Abraham

    Nick Abraham

    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty ...and of being a @mariners fan. @huskers by birth, #climatehawk by choice. @wcvoters comms manager

  • Brian Hidy

    Brian Hidy

  • Aleeza Asghar

    Aleeza Asghar

  • Gordon Smith

    Gordon Smith

  • Jon


    Data. Tomfoolery. Ballyhoo.

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